Lighthouse for the Blind

Session 32 A Defiler's life in pieces and a defiled High Priestess

After Dahloy is caught defiling in the Black Market, the town guard take him away. Snowy attempts to be diplomatic, but the Shadow Guard have hearts like Pharaoh.

Dath learns of intrigue in the Noble houses. Celeste informs him that there’s gonna be a hit around the time of a big party, and we all like to party. Then he goes to the Templars to find out about Dahloy’s fate.

Meanwhile, Nizhoni has been chained up in a dungeon by the High Priestess of the Temple of Forbidden Pleasures (T o’ FP). He rages against the brass chains, breaking free in time to fight the Priestesses magical tentacles. What the Priestess didn’t bargain for is Nizhoni absorbing the energy of the snakes and blasting it back her. Fiery death occurred.

Scarlet discovers Tamini’s dark history in the T o’ FP and shares this with the Blue Mage. That’s when everyone loses their shit about Nizhoni blowing the High Priestess.

Nizhoni escapes through a door that she STRed like an MF, only to find a fiery lake of blood in front of her, and an angry mob breaking down a door behind her. She grabs one of the corpses lying around the fiery lake of blood and places it where the High Priestess’es corpsse had been. Fearing a resurrected nemesis, Nizhoni took the High Priestesss’ corpse. She forgot the brass chains. You can buy a lot of nice things with brass.


Nemquae WoodrowWilsonSmith

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